Baby Let's Run Words

I Don't know What I'm Doing Here

She's the Lighter I'm the Flame

Totally Got a Feeling, I hope she Feels the Same

When I Think About Her All the Pains Go Away

Think she's Kind of Nervous, Cuz She Don't Know What To Say

Kind of Wild Got a Nose Ring, Wants a Tattoo

She's Kind of Funny All the Little Things That She Do

Maybe It's Hope, Maybe it's change, Maybe it's something a new

Maybe I'll Run Maybe She'll Run, Maybe I'll Help Fix Her Shoes

Baby Lets Run

Baby Lets Run

Baby Lets Run

Tried to Be A Gentlemen She Wouldn't Let Me Pay

Held all the Doors Open, Then She Started to Do the Same

Her Eyes Shined Like Emeralds When She Whispered in My Ear

Be Gone For Just a Minute, Then I'll Reappear

Its My Fault I Knew It Straight From the Start

Its My Fault, She Likes Playing With Hearts

Baby Lets Run

Baby Lets Run

Baby Lets Run