Entry 1.

The Psychology of Psychopaths, Ego, Super-Ego, and Enlightenment
Psychopaths (and "sentient" computers.. if they exist or will exist) lack a conscience, which means that they lack a super-ego. According to Jung and Freud, the super-ego punishes the ego with feelings of guilt, anxiety, and inferiority when you do something that's against your higher nature. So the superego guides you to doing more enlightened things that aren't against your conscience. This allows the mind to "auto correct" and leads to maturation and spirituality. As a result of not having this superego, psychopaths are perpetually stuck at being narcissistic-supply-seeking children. Not only do they feel no emotions, such as the blissful joy associated by being totally connected to God (as described by some enlightened people) or what some might describe as the feelings of "true" love, they feel no remorse for antisocietal actions such as hurting people, stealing, emotional abuse, etc. They are very much real-life devils in human form. They are (knowingly or not) absolutely, and unremittingly miserable from the third perspective (the reality of the situation)! There is no hope for them. Some report to get some sort of smug satisfaction by deliberately hurting others, possibly in order to build up their ego, which sinks back to its abyss after that short-lived ego-boost. Bizarre, huh? This leads me to believe that NO psychopaths can be enlightened in a secular or spiritual manner. Poor souls.

Entry 2.

Any act of what is known as violence - behavior or plans involving physical force intended to injur, damage, or attempt to kill someone or something judged as innocent - is a negative energy in the Universe.

Entry 3.

Platinum rule vs golden rule
God says evil needs to be punished. Brutally. Who is evil? The authorities aka the spirits of wickedness. They are murderers. They are going to be sent straight to Hell. They waste everyone's time. They think that they are going to just killed based the gnostic prophecy which means they think they can sin whenever they want. They are not going to get away with this. This is the platinum rule. The golden rule which Jesus taught, is that we should treat people the way you would like to be treated. I agree with this, unless it's in self-defense.

Entry 4.

For some people, if they smoke tobacco, it's because someone loves you and you don't like it. I know this for a fact. Similarly, this is true for most un-healthy type vices.